What to do With the Wedding Rings After Divorce

Are you recently separated or newly single and wondering what to do with the rings after the divorce? This is a question that inevitably enters the minds of every man and woman during divorce, and it's not all that different emotionally from changing your status from "married" to "single" on Facebook.

Some say proper divorce etiquette is to wear the ring until the divorce is final, but that doesn't mean that spouses aren't eager to forgo the wedding ring the moment the separation is official. It's a personal decision and one that only you can make.

If a spouse wants to continue wearing their ring as the divorce proceeds through the courts, once the divorce is official, that first look at the naked finger can be difficult.

Repurposing a Wedding Ring

Despite feelings of loss, anger, guilt, grief, or for some elation, many yearn to give a new meaning to their wedding rings instead of throwing them into the water at the nearest beach, or tossing them like a piece of rubbish.

No matter how a marriage ended or why, wedding rings often carry a degree of sentimentality. That said, people have gotten creative in how they repurpose their wedding rings.

Here are some conventional ways that people find new uses for their wedding bands and engagement rings:

  • Perhaps the oldest tradition is to take the ring to a jeweler and have the jeweler redesign it. You can wear the finished product on a different finger to show potential suitors that you're available.
  • Many people save the rings and give them to their sons or daughters to hang on to as keepsakes.
  • If you wish to close the book on that chapter of your life in the noblest manner, you can always return the ring to your ex-husband or wife.

You Can Sell Your Memories

After the divorce, you may find that you don't have the same positive cash flow that you enjoyed prior to the divorce. If you're struggling to make ends meet, you can always sell your wedding ring.

Get an appraisal first to determine what the ring is worth, then consider selling the ring through: 1) an online auction, such as eBay or eBid, 2) the newspaper, or 3) an Internet classified, such as Craigslist or Oodle.

No matter how you feel about your ex and the divorce, give the ring some thought before you take action. As hurts heal and tempers cool, you don't want to feel remorse because you threw out the ring or sold it for $2.00 at your garage sale.

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