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Blog Posts in October, 2014

Gray Divorce Is On the Rise

While divorce rates for younger generations have stabilized, it seems as though "later in life" divorces are becoming more common. Research shows that since 1990, the divorce rate for ...
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What is a Temporary Divorce Order?

Getting a divorce can take significantly longer than any person wants, and because of this, can leave some very important decisions hanging in limbo. Details such as child support and visitation, ...
Continue reading "What is a Temporary Divorce Order?" »

How Facebook Activity Affects Marriage

Studies have shown that excessive Facebook usage and activity has been linked to conflicts within a relationship. Not only can Facebook be used to easily reconnect with former friends and partners, ...
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Divorce Hinges on Legal Technicality

A New Jersey couple with assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars are facing a court decision that hangs on a technicality over the date of their wedding and the date the marriage license was ...
Continue reading "Divorce Hinges on Legal Technicality" »

Study Examines Effect of Income on Divorce

A recent study suggests that children from higher-income families are hit harder by divorce than those from lower-income families. Research from the University of Chicago and Georgetown University ...
Continue reading "Study Examines Effect of Income on Divorce" »

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