Kim Kardashian Divorce Ends with Nothing for Humphries

After a highly publicized and televised wedding, and a 72-day whirlwind of a marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries. The athlete was furious, and contested the divorce, asking for an annulment instead and also petitioning $7 million as a settlement plus attorney's fees. The ex-husband claimed that he was used in a ploy to stage the wedding for Kim Kardashian's T.V. show.

He claimed that he did not know that she was not genuine about the marriage until her quick request for a divorce. Now, Kardashian is going steady with the father of her unborn baby, Kanye West. She has also been showing up for court dates regarding the divorce, even though Humphries has often been a no-show.

The couple met in a Los Angeles family court recently, and a judge ruled that Humphries will not get any settlement, will need to pay his own attorney's fees, and will need to comply with the divorce. No annulment will be given because Humphries' attorneys could not affectively prove that Kardashian had been fraudulent in her claim to marry him.

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