Facebook and Your Divorce

If you are a Facebook user going through a child custody battle at present, then you will want to be extra careful with what you post online. If you are unable to use discretion or if you take part in activities that may reflect poorly on your character should you be tagged in a friend's "check-in" status or a photo, then you need to consider deactivating your Facebook until the divorce is finalized.

There are many things you shouldn't post on Facebook during a divorce. For one, make sure to avoid posting any statuses that you wouldn't want your children to see. Chances are that your kids are on Facebook too, and will read whatever you post. Do not post any of the details of your divorce or make any comments about your ex, your ex's lawyer, the court authorities, or anyone else that is involved in the case. Remember not to use Facebook as a source of venting. Venting and ranting on this public social media site can backfire, especially if your ex's lawyer is looking for something that will put you in a bad light.

As well, it is important that you refrain from posting any photos of expensive new purchases or lavish vacations online during your custody battle. If your Facebook depicts you as a person that is financially well-off, your ex's lawyer may be able to take these photos or statuses to the courthouse and show that you are not in a position to receive child support or alimony. For example, if you purchased a brand new designer hand bags, or a sports car keep the photos off Instagram and Facebook until after the battle is finished. Also, make sure not to put photos of any vacations, such as a trip to Europe or a relaxing weekend in Hawaii.

Also, caution your friends and family members not to post any photos of these items, or any pictures from rowdy parties or other situations that could portray you as a bad parent. By being careful and cautious with your social media accounts, you may be able to prove that you are a caring and compassionate parent and deserve custody of your children.

Fill your Facebook page with photos of you spending time together or with statuses that are positive. Being cautious in this situation may be a deal breaker in your case. A clean Facebook profile is not the only thing that you will need to succeed in your case. You will also want a hardworking and dedicated San Fernando divorce lawyer on your side. With the right attorney there to help you, you may be able to prove that you are a responsible parent and deserve custody of your beloved children. Call Cutter & Lax today for more information!