Emergency Contact Information and Parenting Issues

Your children are about to go back to school. If you are the non-custodial parent, then chances are that you did not handle any of the paperwork that is often included when it comes to back to school chores. This means that you may not be listed as an emergency contact on the forms. If your ex-spouse filled out all of this paperwork, you will want to contact him or her and ask if you were listed as an alternate emergency contact.

If you were not, then you will want to take action. It is important that you stay informed about your children. If they are seriously injured, you will want to be notified immediately. Without your contact information on the emergency contact form, you may be left in the dark when you are needed most. Imagine for a moment that your child is injured on the playground at school and rushed to the emergency room.

Now, imagine that your ex-spouse is out of town or does not have cell phone reception, and does not get the call about the incident until hours later. If you aren't contacted, your child will spend hours without either parent there to comfort him or her. You can avoid this potential by clearing up all emergency contact issues right away. If your ex refuses to add you as an emergency contact, then you can contact an attorney right away for more information about litigation or a court order.

If adding you to the form is in the child's best interests, chances are that the court will approve of this addition and you will be added to the emergency contact form. Whenever you are dealing with minor conflicts like this, it is best to get a San Fernando divorce attorney involved. Hire a lawyer at the firm today!