Gay Marriage Legalized in California

After a five-year hiatus when Proposition 8 was voted into California Law, the government has struck down the proposition and has allowed gay marriage back into the state. Same-sex couples all throughout the United States rushed to wed in the state of California last week and in weeks past in order to fulfill their promises to their partners after waiting long amounts of time for this ruling to come to pass.

Now, individuals in California who are in same-sex partnerships can be legally married and experience the same state benefits as heterosexual couples. As well, individuals who are married have the right to collect the same federal benefits as married couples after the Supreme Court also repealed DOMA, an act that was put in place by President Clinton during his term.

As a result of the two new rulings, gay couples in California are not only allowed to marry, but allowed to divorce and allowed to adopt. They cannot be discriminated against in any way because the marriage is considered legal in the sight of the law. If you are in a gay domestic partnership, you have the right to turn this into a marriage and receive the same tax benefits and Social Security benefits as others. If you want more information about how these new rulings could affect your life then you need to contact an attorney at Cutter & Lax today.

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