Paramour Purchases: Can You Seek Reimbursement?

Paramour purchases are expenses paid to a lover or as a part of an extra-marital affair. For example, if a husband cheats on his wife and has to pay for hotel rooms, dinners out, and other costs for his lover, then these are considered paramour purchases.

In some marriages, one spouse will cheat for years, pouring thousands of dollars into an extra-marital relationship without his or her spouse's knowledge. If the scandal comes to light in the midst of a divorce, the spouse who feels cheated on may ask for compensation for all paramour purchases. This is especially true if the funds to pay for the illicit relationship came out of a joint account.

In the state of California, divorcees are not permitted to seek an at-fault divorce. This means that a spouse cannot demand compensation from the other party because of extramarital affairs or ask for higher alimony or spousal support because of the affair. When it comes to paramour purchases, some courts will order direct reimbursement for the exact amount spent. This cannot include the costs of punitive damages or with the emotional toll of the affair.

In California, moral choices cannot influence the amount of spousal support or alimony that one party receives. Instead, the courts will evaluate spousal support and alimony based on earnings and the lifestyle of both spouses as well as their regular income and cost of living expenses.

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