Study Says More Siblings Decreases Divorce Risk

A recent study published by the General Social Survey recently revealed that adults who grew up with more siblings often have a decreased probability for divorce in their own marriages in the future. Children with only one or two siblings tend to have reduced social skills as compared to those who grew up in a full house. The General Social Survey goes on to report that each additional sibling that a person has will reduce the likelihood of divorce by 2%.

There are other factors that affect divorce, and sociologists say that siblings are only one of many factors that can cause a marriage to dissolve. Ohio State University sociologists say that siblings are not a primary factor in divorces but the trend of relation is notable.

Each sibling reduces the chance of divorce in the future by a slight degree. This is partially because children with more siblings are often taught to communicate, share, and negotiate with their brothers and sisters at an early age. Those who do not have constant interaction with children near their age can grow up significantly more self-centered.

Researchers say that siblings help to develop social skills in children, and this eventually allows them to navigate marriage. Some opposing researchers say that while the study is noteworthy and interesting, it should not be taken as definitive. One sociologist from the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill says that people from large families tend to be more family-oriented.

Still, the Journal of Family Issues published a report two years ago claiming that adults who grew up without siblings do not appear to be that different from those that did. If you want more information about divorce, or if you are considering divorce and need to discuss your options with an attorney, a San Fernando divorce lawyer at Cutter & Lax is available to help you. Hire the firm today to get started!