Christmas Restraining Order Enforcement

During the holidays, lonely ex-spouses may choose to head back to their ex's home to be a part of the Christmas festivities. If you believe that your ex is a threat, or would strongly prefer that your ex-spouse not attend any of the holiday festivities post-divorce, then you may need to seek assistance from an attorney today to make sure that this does happen. If you have a reason to bar your ex from visiting, then you may be able to receive a formalized restraining order which can be served to your spouse. This will effectively keep your ex from coming to the home on Christmas to see the children or violating your custody time by requesting to see the children.

The courts won't just hand restraining orders out, so you will have to prove that you have a legitimate reason to file the order. If you are able to get the restraining order, someone will need to serve it to your ex. At this point, your ex will be legally blocked from coming near your home or your children at any location. If the person that the order was filed against shows up at your home, then you can call law enforcement and they have the right to arrest the individual for a restraining order violation.

Oftentimes, if an ex-spouse has a history of domestic violence this can help to prove that a restraining order is necessary. Also, if the individual has issued threats or alluded to injuries or dangers, then this can be a reason why a restraining order may be necessary. At Cutter & Lax, the attorneys want to do the best to facilitate all of your family law needs. Hire the firm today to help you secure a restraining order that will protect you throughout the rest of the holiday season or into 2014.