January is Divorce Month

January is considered divorce month, meaning that it is the month where individuals file the most divorces throughout the United States. There are many factors that may affect the decision to file for divorce during the first month of the year. First of all, January is considered divorce month because many couples want to wait until after the holidays to file. This is especially true for parents with children. Parents may want to let their kids experience one last holiday season has a cohesive family before splitting and altering holidays.

Some adults also use the holidays as a trial period. They believe that if a relationship can be reconciled over the holidays, they will avoid divorce. Consequently, when the relationship remains the same or if the holidays are full of disappointment, couples decide that it is time to file for divorce. Also, some couples will get Christmas bonuses from their workplace. They can use these bonuses to pay for the court costs of filing for the divorce. It may be this extra little financial boost that also helps to promote January divorce.

Parents may also determine that a fresh new year deserves a fresh new start. Some set their New Year's resolution and want to go about pursuing it. If you want to work towards your best interests in the New Year and want to seek to make yourself happy, then a divorce may be the first step. A loveless and miserable marriage can result in extreme frustrations and depression. You may be able to get a new perspective on life by filing today. Don't hesitate to contact a San Fernando divorce attorney if you want more information. The lawyers at Cutter & Lax have over 30 years of divorce experience to put to your case. Hire them today to start a successful divorce process!