Are Prenuptial Agreements Worth Your Time?

Sometimes, friends or family members may tell you that it is not worth the effort to create a prenuptial agreement. This is because in many situations, they believe that it is too hard to enforce these agreements once they actually become valid. Some people say that so much changes from the time that the agreements are drafted to the time that a couple splits that it may be impossible to use the terms that were agreed upon in the document.

Yet despite this argument, many attorneys beg to differ. A clear and well thought out prenuptial agreement can be a lifesaver in a complicated divorce procedure. You should not avoid the prospect of creating a prenuptial agreement just because you are worried that it won’t be enforced in the future. Instead, you should be vague when needed, general when necessary, and specific in situations where you believe that it might be affective in the future.

A San Fernando Valley family attorney can help you to draft a prenuptial agreement that is affective and may be able to save you from parting with property that you treasure. Prenuptial agreements can also negotiate who will receive the house in a divorce, or who will be responsible for paying spousal support to the other spouse. Sometimes a husband and wife-to-be can even negotiate on an amount that they would like to pay and receive in spousal support in the future if they are to divorce.

Unfortunately, there is one area where a prenuptial agreement will not hold up in California, and this is when it regards children. Oftentimes couples try to provide for child support stipulations and child custody arrangements. Because these arrangements are always made in the best interests of the children, they cannot be preplanned. If you need more information about prenuptial agreements or you want to draft one of these agreements, then contact an attorney.