Celebrities File Valentine's Day Divorce

Interestingly enough, Valentine’s Day is a popular day for men and women to file for divorce. One example of this is regarding Michael Welch, who spent his Valentine’s Day in court with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Marissa Lefton. The Hollywood couple married in 2008 but after four years of matrimony they have already had enough.

They separated from each other back in December 2011, and used the typically romantic holiday to turn that separation into something more serious. The couple does not have any kids that they will need to battle over in court, and they also don’t have any community property which will need to be divided. Because of this, chances are that the case will be relatively easy to handle. Michael Welch is best known for his role as Mike Newton in the Twilight Saga. Welch and his wife have filed a joint petition, which means that their divorce will end amicably.

Most likely this will facilitate a faster divorce and cause the couple to move on with their lives in short order. If you are in need of assistance in filing for divorce, you are doing to want a San Fernando Valley divorce attorney there to help you. Without an attorney on your side, you may find that you are lost in the process and you may make uninformed and poor decisions.

An attorney is like insurance, and you will be able to back up every decision you make with an informed and educated opinion. Whenever you are seeking compensation from a spouse, battling through a property division case, or dealing with custody issues regarding children, it is essential to get a lawyer involved. Even if you are merely considering divorce, calling Cutter & Lax can help. The firm offers free case evaluations to all potential clients, so pick up your phone and dial (818) 839-2533 today!