Getting Engagement Ring Insurance

If you are planning to propose to your loved one in a matter of months or years, then you may be looking for that special ring at present. While you are out shopping for the ultimate ring, you will want to remember that this ring is a valuable asset which can be lost, stolen, or damaged. If anything happens to the ring, then insurance can protect you from losing money as a result, You may also want to insure an engagement ring if there is any possibility that the woman you are proposing to could say no or may break up with you in the future. While this is a sobering thought as you are preparing for a romantic and beautiful engagement, it is still something you may want to keep in mind.

To insurance an engagement ring, you will need an appraiser to come and take a look at the jewelry. He will then be able to give you an estimate of how much it would cost to replace the ring. As a result, you can go to your insurance agent with a figure and talk about their policies concerning jewelry. Typically, insurance companies will have a specific limit that is set on coverage for the loss, damage or theft jewelry.

You will want to consider a replacement policy for your engagement that will allow you to purchase a duplicate if the ring is lost or potentially damaged. You may also want to look into an “actual cash value” plan for your ring. This is cash that will allow you to have the monetary value of your ring based on its appraisal without any depreciation of value should something happen. This is excellent to have on hand in the event of a breakup. If you have a ”valued at” plan for your ring, this will allow you to obtain compensation at a higher value than it’s appraised worth.

No matter what plan you choose, you will need to fill out forms and had appraisal information if needed. You will then want to pay premiums to your insurer. If you want more information about engagement ring insurance or want to use this insurance to return a ring after a break-up or divorce, then a San Fernando divorce attorney from Cutter & Lax may be able to help you. Contact an attorney today for more information! At Cutter & Lax, there are attorneys ready and waiting to handle all of your divorce needs. Whether you are dealing with a child support issue, alimony arguments, or property division, the attorneys at this firm can give you the guidance and legal assistance that you need. Don’t attempt to complete a divorce alone when you could have the professionals at this firm on your side!