How Marijuana is Affecting Divorce Cases

With the ever-growing popularity of marijuana, more and more men and women are starting to use the drug for medicinal or recreational purposes. In some states, such as Colorado and Washington, men and women are allowed to smoke the drug for recreational purposes and in others the drug has only been legalized when used as a pain reliever for a medical condition. Yet divorce lawyers are noticing that those who use this powerful drug have less of a chance of winning a child custody battle in the midst of a divorce. This is because the courts will typically choose a parent that is not addicted to harmful substances over one that is. This is because it is bad for a child to be in a home where marijuana is promoted and smoked.

Typically, marijuana is a reason for divorce. When a man or woman is addicted to the substance and the other spouse disapproves, it can cause tension that will eventually end in terminating the marriage. At this point, the non-smoking spouse will typically argue for custody over the one that is using the drugs, and the courts will typically agree. There are other factors that will play into the divorce court’s decision.

If you are a marijuana user and are in the midst of a divorce case, then you may want to try breaking yourself of the habit for the time being, or will want a hardworking Encino family lawyer on your side to help you tackle the case. If you want more information about a divorce case or how drugs will affect your requests, then you will want an attorney from Cutter & Lax there. With the right aggressive and hardworking attorney on your side, you may be able to prove your qualifications as a parent to the courts and obtain custody of your children.