Custody of Infants in Divorce

If you and your spouse have an infant child, then you will want a divorce attorney to help you as negotiate through the custody agreement for the child. If the child is breastfed, then chances are that the mother will have the right to keep the child so that she can continue to nourish it until it is old enough to eat solid food. If the mother does not breastfeed the baby, then there is a possibility that the father could have custody because he can make a bottle and feed the child just as easily as the mother could.

Caring for an infant is almost a full-time job, so chances are that the parent without full-time employment will have a higher chance of receiving custody of the child. The court tends to favor the mother as the caretaker for an infant, but fathers can still petition for custody or can petition for visitation with the child. When the child is weaned, the father may be able to petition for a custody modification because the previous circumstances that qualified the mother for custody are no longer relevant.

If you have an infant and are concerned about the custodial arrangements, hire a San Fernando divorce lawyer to help you negotiate. Chances are that your children mean everything to you, and you never want to part with them. That is why you want to hire the best to assist you in securing custody or visitation with your children. At Cutter & Lax, the compassionate and caring attorneys will do all that they can to petition for a custody or visitation order in your favor. While the lawyers can't guarantee the outcome, they can guarantee that they will give their best effort to fight in your best interests. Hire the firm today!