Study Shows Divorce is Harder for Younger Children

If you are currently pondering divorce, or have already started the process, then you will want to consider what roll that this will have on your children. Research suggests that divorce can complicate parent-child bonding with younger children. A medical research journal, The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, says that the anxiety and resentment that children harbor towards divorced parents doesn't seem to spill into their own romantic relationships in the future.

Still, the younger years are a critical time period for forming attachments, and when parents' divorce early in a child's life this can have long-lasting consequences. Sometimes, children won't even remember the actual divorce taking place but will still have a hard time attaching to parents that are separated. Studies show that children normally become attached to their primary caregivers, but when children are not cared for traditionally they may fall into self-reliance and become avoidant in nature.

Individuals with divorced parents tend to be more anxious or aloof in nature and children who had parents' divorce during their earliest years seemed to be impacted the most by the separation. Children almost always had a better relationship with the parent that they lived with after the divorce, especially if the divorce took place when the child was small. If you are going through a divorce you may want to contact an attorney today for more information.

With the right San Fernando divorce lawyer on your side, you can argue for visitation or a co-parenting agreement that will allow you to continue forming a bond with your children despite the circumstances. If you believe that your ex-spouse is not capable of caring for the children, then you may want to petition for full custody of your young ones. At Cutter & Lax, we understand that divorce is difficult and we want to help you. Contact us today for more information!