Gay Marriage Still Difficult in the United States

With the end of the Defense of Marriage Act, individuals in states which allow gay marriage will now be able to collect federal benefits if they are in a homosexual marriage. Yet Business Insider admits that his doesn't mean that gay marriage is getting any easier. The high court only struck down one part of DOMA. This is the section which deprived gay couples of federal benefits that heterosexual married couples are able to benefit from.

There is also a Section 2 to DOMA. This section says that states don't have to recognize other state's gay marriages. This statute is technically still active in the United States. This means that some married gays who move to different states and attempt to divorce may not be able to do so. For example, if a couple from Georgia travels to California to wed, and then goes back to their state, they cannot divorce. This is because they cannot file for divorce in California, as they are Georgia's residents. At present, Georgia doesn't uphold gay marriage, so they cannot get a divorce from the court there because they are not legally married.

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