Keep Track of Your Ex's Decisions for the Children

If your ex has primary custody of the children, or is the primary decision maker in a joint custody relationship for the children, then you will want to monitor those decisions closely. The choices that your ex makes for your children's education, extracurricular activities, and hobbies are important.

Teachers, coaches, and instructors are influential in your child's life and may mold their personality and beliefs in these foundational first years. If you see a concern with a teacher or instructor that your ex has chosen to be involved in your child's life, then you need to contact a divorce lawyer to assist you with getting involved today.

It is important that you get a lawyer involved in the process so that you can professionally express your concerns about your ex's choices. If you believe that your child could be harmed or could be exposed to teachings that you don't prefer, then you need to discuss this with an attorney. If a lawyer deems it necessary, you may be able to get an emergency order or request to file your divorce modification so you can have more say in your child's education.

Fall is coming soon, so if you are not certain of your children's education then you need to start researching right away. Attorneys suggest that you look at your child's schedule and research their school to see what teachers they will have. You will want to act quickly if you are concerned about your children, as fall is fast approaching. An attorney will need time to write a letter or file for modification before school is in session. Quick action at the first sign of a problem could result in saving your child from harm for a lifetime.

Don't take these issues lightly; hire a Cutter & Lax family lawyer today!