The Benefits Keeping a Visitation Log

If you are divorced and your spouse has court-ordered visitation time with the children, then you have the right to monitor that visitation and determine whether or not times with your ex are beneficial for your children. Keeping a log of all visitation times could prove to be very beneficial in the future if you ever need to receive a modification or if your spouse petitions for joint custody of the kids. If you decide to keep a log, you will want to make sure to write down all drop-off and pick-up times. Note the times that you were late to drop the kids off, or the times that your ex was tardy when it came to pickups or drop offs.

Also, you should log any missed visits, and make sure to note any refused visits on your behalf or your ex's behalf. IT is also important to log any comments from the children that are positive or negative and attribute to the beneficial nature of the visitations. If your children had a wonderful visits, write about and explain why you believe that this was helpful for the children. If your children did not enjoy their time with their other parent, then write this down.

If your children start making comments that are alienating to you or begin to favor their noncustodial parent, take note and probe the situation. There is a possibility that your ex has been feeding your children information about how he or she is a better parent, or has been bribing the children with treats and toys. If you suspect that this is going on, log all of the comments that you encounter and discuss your concerns with a lawyer at Cutter & Lax. Your log can help you in court to prove that your concerns are legitimate, and the court may choose to re-modify the visitation schedule in your favor.