Iowa Considers Banning Parent's No-Fault Divorces

Here in California, parents can get a divorce if they merely can declare that they are in a relationship that is fraught with “irreconcilable differences.” This means that couples basically just need to admit that they don’t agree on things and that they are at a point in their relationship where both parties would be more comfortable separated. Yet in the state of Iowa, a group of Republican legislators are drafting a bill which would make it impossible for parents with minors living in their home to obtain a no-fault divorce.

According to Radio Iowa, the bill makes it so that parents who have children under the age of 18 would only be permitted to divorce under the pretense of an at-fault divorce. At-fault divorces are those that are because of a specific reason. Some of the reasons for an at-fault divorce include adultery, imprisonment, conviction of a felony, or domestic abuse. As well, sexual abuse threats can be reasons for an at-fault divorce. Under the new Iowa statute parents would need to cite one of these reasons and have evidence to back up their claims in order to obtain a divorce. Once children are all over the age of 18, the parents are permitted to divorce whether it is a “no fault” situation or an “at fault” situation.

In California, there is no such law to govern divorces, so whether or not you are a parent you have the right to leave your spouse. Iowa government say that they want to start focusing on the interests of the children in these split marriage, rather than always favoring the adults in the cases. If you are in a difficult marriage and would like to seek compensation, then contact a San Fernando divorce lawyer today at Cutter & Lax for more information!