London Declared the Divorce Capital of the World

According to recent studies published with The Huffington Post, London is officially the divorce capital of the world. In London, The Guardian reported that judges often rule in favor of a less-wealthy spouse in a high-net worth divorce. Because of this, London officials are almost encouraging billionaire couples to come to the city to get their divorces finalized. The attitudes of the judges are working in favor of the lower-income spouse, which is causing thousands to flock to the city to file their divorces.

In the past, London has been the setting for some of the world’s most significant divorces including Paul McCartney’s split from Heather Mills and Madonna’s split from Guy Ritchie. If you live here in California, chances are that you will not travel to London to have your divorced finalized. Yet with the right lawyer, you may still be able to obtain a satisfactory amount of spousal support or alimony as the lower income spouse in the relationship. If you are seeking damages for the end of the divorce and compensation for your role as homemaker within the relationship, then you need to talk to a California divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax today.

With the right attorney on your side, you will be adequately prepared to handle any issues with child custody, visitation, alimony, spousal support, or another divorce-related argument. Depending on your history with your spouse and the law, you may be able to show that you deserve financial payments for your suffering and should receive monthly checks in order to secure that you are comfortable as you start working towards a life apart from your spouse. If you want more information about California divorce then you can explore the Cutter & Lax website. There are pages that can discuss the many aspects of divorce that you may need to deal with after you file.