American Idol Runner Up Divorces Husband

Hollywood is a city of almost constant relationship status changes. Recently, Crystal Bowersox of American Idol fame made it into the news when filed for divorce from her husband Brian Walker after only three years of marriage. Bowersox was the runner up in Season 9 of American Idol, and just released her second album. The 27-year-old Ohio native married her ex after a whirlwind romance and engagement that lasted only weeks. After three years together, the couple is already ready to call it quits. After two and a half years together, the two told People Magazine that they were going separate ways and could continue to regard each other as friends.

The couple does not have any children though Bowersox has her own four-year-old son from a previous relationship. Despite the heartbreak of the failed romance, the contestant says that she is excited for her new album and is moving on in a Broadway career where she will play Patsy Cline in an upcoming musical tribute. Bowersox and Walker want privacy as they work through divorce proceedings, and none of the information regarding property division has been released.

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