Lakers Star Involved in Child Support Argument

One of the Los Angeles Lakers key players, Steve Nash, is involved in a child support battle with his ex-wife, and claims that he doesn't want to pay her any money that could be spent spoiling the children with unnecessary luxuries. The NBA star says he believes his wife will use whatever finances he provides to treat the children like royalty with limousines, toys, and other extravagant gifts. Nash and his ex-wife have three children. Alejandra Nash lives in Arizona, which is where they settled the divorce. At the time that the divorce was finalized, the courts told Alejandra she would not receive child support.

Still, the ex-wife decided to appeal the ruling. According to Nash and his legal team, Alejandra doesn't deserve any child support because Nash gave her over $5 million at the time of the divorce settlement. The court also granted Alejandra a spousal support payment plan of over $30,000 per month. Alejandra argues that her ex-husband makes at least $1 million more than she does each month and she believes deserves to receive some of the money in order to help their children.

Nash claims that he is already paying 90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities costs, and is paying 82% of the cost for their nanny's $2,000 per month salary. Nash says that given his ex-wife extra spending money for the children will only facilitate a disaster. Also involved in this child support case is Alejandra's desire to move back to Los Angeles.

Nash has been reportedly resistant to this choice. If you want more information about child support arguments or are looking for a San Fernando divorce attorney that can tackle your case, hire Cutter & Lax to do the job. These dedicated lawyers will help you through your case and will assist you in arguments regarding child support, child custody, relocation, or any other divorce complications you may meet.