Conflicting Contracts and the Need for a Divorce Attorney

If you are currently preparing for a divorce, it is essential that you hire a reliable divorce attorney to assist you in your case. This is because a couple that fails to look at all contracts and agreements carefully may end up making mistakes that will cost them in the end. A recent Reuters article describes a couple that divorced without children.

The wife in the divorce asked for the home, and the husband chose to purchase a condo in Chicago instead. Yet when he went to purchase his new property, he was informed that is name was still on the mortgage despite the fact that he deeded the title to his ex and gave the mortgage lender a copy of the divorce settlement. The mortgage company informed the couples that the ex-wife had to reapply for a mortgage under her own name and that it would cost her an additional $5,000 in fees to do so.

If this couple had hired a divorce attorney to work through their case alongside them, they have been able to avoid these confusing mistakes because they would have legal expertise on their side. According to, the marital home is one of the top concerns in divorce after worries about the impact of the split upon kids from the marriages and how the split will impact finances.

If you are planning to transfer possession of the house to one spouse post-divorce, then you will want to carefully map out a property division plan and have solid representation to help you navigate mortgage contracts. Hire a lawyer at Cutter & Lax today if you are a San Fernando local looking for representation in this area! A San Fernando divorce attorney at the firm can come alongside you and give you the valuable information that you need to avoid mistakes!