I Can't Afford the Court Fees Associated with My Divorce!

If you are strapped for cash and can't afford the court fees associated with your necessary divorce, then you have the ability to apply for a waiver of all court fees and costs. This is called an In Formis Pauperis and occurs when a party that cannot pay court fees and costs uses the application to avoid having to pay any of the expenses.

Normally, an applicant is required to tell the court if he or she does become able to the pay costs for any reason. For example, if an individual is unemployed at the time of the divorce, but then gets a job after applying for a waiver, then the individual will need to inform the court of the new job.

If a person cannot pay, then he or she may be ordered to appear in court and answer questions about the ability to pay the costs associated with the divorce. The courts understand that a divorce may be necessary in your family situation and even despite the fact that you cannot afford the divorce you may want to take legal action against a dangerous or frustrating spouse.

A San Fernando family attorney at Cutter & Lax can also help you with your case as you negotiate with the courts about owed costs. There are often filing fees with each document that you may need to present with the court. The lawyers at Cutter & Lax want to assist you with your case, and don't want to place a burden on you. They will work hard to give you cost-efficient but excellent representation and work towards spousal support, child support, or a property division arrangement that can benefit you and help you to cover the costs of the divorce and come out ahead! Hire the firm today!