New Survey Links Credit Card Spending and Divorce

According to recent reports, the credit card spending that you may have been doing secretly behind your spouse's back could have a devastating effect on your marriage. reports that one in ten people admit that hidden credit card purchases have been a part of their separation or divorce decision. The British website also discovered that about 36% of all individuals who lied about their spending did so because they knew that their spouse would be angry. 35% of those who participated in the survey say that they kept their purchases hidden because they knew that their partner would disapprove if he or she discovered the costs.

50% of all secret spenders confessed that they treated themselves to much-wanted items like new shoes or clothes, but the same number claimed that they were just using the credit card for living expenses like food, gasoline, and utility bills. Some simply didn't want to admit that the costs of these everyday expenses were so high. Women are also 60% more likely to hide a statement from their partner, and admitted feeling more guilt for doing so. Yet men spend more on average when they had clandestine purchases that were breaking the marriage.

This isn't the first time that researchers have identified a link between divorce and financial secrecy. In July of this year Kansas State University said that arguing about money is a top predictor of divorce. In 2011 a National Endowment for Financial Education discovered that 68% of the time, financial infidelity has a negative impact on relationships. 16% of all marriages end specifically because of financial infidelity within the marriage. If you want more information about credit card spending or if you are ready to divorce a spouse for this very issue, then you can talk to a San Fernando divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax today.