Pew Research Center Determines Divorce is Contagious

A recent report shows that if a family member or close friend divorces, it drastically influences that possibility that you will divorce as well. A research team at Brown University discovered the fact after analyzing decades of data on divorce and remarriage.

The researchers then determined that participants in the study were 75% more likely to become divorced if a friend was divorced. The individuals were also 33% more likely to divorce if a friend of a friend had recently gotten divorced.

Interestingly enough, researchers determined that social networking has made divorce more contagious than in the past. This is because individuals now post about their relationships online, causing conversation about the potential of divorce. Sociologists say that there is a social contagion, which is the spread of information, attitudes and behaviors through friends, families, and other social networks.

Overall, reports show that the chances of divorcing increase approximately 16% if a friend or close family member has been divorce, and increase 75% with the overall divorce rate. The probability of a divorce then rises another 12% if the friends and relatives of the individual's friends divorce. As people discuss the divorce process with those that have gone through it, it may encourage them to. This may also be because potential divorcees can gauge a family's approval or disapproval of divorce, and determine whether or not the action would be acceptable in his or her social circle.

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