Divorce & Adoptions

Couples that have adopted a child are not immune from experiecing divorce. If a divorce is happening after the decision to adopt a child has been made, there are some concerns that the adoptive parents may have concerning the status of their adoption.

If the adoption has been finalized, the child is treated as a biological child. Both parents have rights and responsibilities to the child that are determined as in any divorce case. Child support and custody will likely be established, and all decisions related to the child will be the responsibility of both parents.

If the adoption has not been finalized, the court will decide if the placement to one or both of the parents should continue. Finalizing the adoption as a single parent is an option, but the recommendation of the adoption agency in charge of the child will weigh the final decision of the judge.

The divorce will not be the sole factor in determining future possibility to adopt. Some international countries, however, will not allow a child to be adopted to single, divorced, or remarried individuals.

Adopted children of divorce must be carefully handled to avoid any further hardship. The redefinition of family can be stressful. If you are seeking a divorce and have adopted a child, Cutter & Lax work with you to help to make this transition as seamless as possible for your children. Call today!