Domestic Violence is Grounds for Divorce

When Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice was caught on camera knocking out and dragging his unconscious wife out of an Atlantic City elevator in February, the country responded with outrage. Rice was charged with a felony aggravated-assault charge. The National Football League (NFL) responded by suspending the player for a total of two games with a financial loss of $529,000 in wages.

Rice only recently came public with his apology and his commitment to become a vocal advocate against domestic violence. One of Rice's biggest concerns is what happens when his daughter, aged two, is old enough to find the video footage online.

The NFL is now facing increased pressure to reconsider the means by which domestic abuse charges of its players are handled in what has been deemed an extremely light sentence for Rice.

Domestic Violence is Grounds for Divorce

Domestic violence, the abuse of one partner by the other in an intimate relationship, affects more than just the person being abused. It affects families and communities, as well. Four million people each year are victims of domestic abuse; many of them with children, friends, and employers that are brought into the fold.

If you currently experience domestic abuse, call the police immediately. Domestic abuse is a serious offense and protection should be sought immediately.

Domestic violence is constituted through pushing, hitting, sexual assault, intimidation, stalking, and emotional abuse, amongst others.

In California, domestic abuse is grounds for a divorce. It also can include a change in the status of child visitation and custody rights in the divorce proceedings.

A temporary restraining order can be granted as divorce charges are filed. This keeps the abuser away from you and your family, and will extend to places of employment, schools, and child care facilities. A broken restraining order can lead to jail time for the spouse, partner, or family member that it is filed against.

Domestic violence can be triggered by divorce cases. Make sure you have an experienced Encino family law attorney from Cutter & Lax by your side. With over 30 years of experience, our firm has what it takes to put up as many legal protections as possible to benefit you and your family.