Why Separation Dates are Important in Divorce Cases

Are you planning to file for divorce? Chances are that if you and your spouse are no longer getting a long, you are not living in the same house. In most states, the date of your separation is significant in determining housing values or the values of shared stocks. Normally, at the time of separation, all assets can be divided based on where they stand at that exact moment. Income that is earned after separation is solely the separating spouse's. Couples should separate their accounts at the time of their physical separation in order to avoid any further confusion.

In a recent California case, some confusion arose when a woman filed for divorce from her husband. The woman was still living in the same marital home as her spouse, though they had separate bedrooms. Separated couples still residing in the same house is more common. This is due to the economy in most cases. Still, the separation date is an important factor in your divorce case, as it determines when your income was no longer split and what the value of certain stocks may be.

If you have questions about your separation date and how it will influence your court case, don't hesitate to call a lawyer at the firm today. With the right attorney on your side, you will be capable of working through your situation and determining your separation date. It is essential to hire a lawyer if you do not have a separation date and instead have been living in the same home with your spouse despite filing. This can lead to significant complications, so you will want a legal professional there to guide you through them. Call a San Fernando divorce lawyer at Cutter & Lax today if you would like to learn more!