Divorce Lawyer Gets Two Years for Illegal Eavesdropping

When you are trying to prove that you are the primary choice as a custodial parent, it is important to do so ethically. According to the American Bar Association, a California divorce lawyer was recently arrested after bugging a car for illegal eavesdropping. The lawyer bugged the car in hopes of capturing incriminating messages from the other spouse and using these messages to prove that the father was not capable of caring for his children. The wife who was involved in this scheme has not been named in the reports. This tactic may sound helpful and successful, but it is not. Instead, it can lead to criminal charges and ultimately to the opposite outcome.

The divorce lawyer in question was also a part of a "dirty DUI" scandal several years ago. In this scheme, private investigators would hire alluring women to drink with husbands of divorce clients at bars in the area. The women would then invite the men to follow them to their cars. When the men did so, they would discover that the police were after them, and would be pulled over for a DUI. This scandal allowed a spouse to prove that she was the choice candidate to take permanent custody of the children.

These devious schemes are illegal, and could get a divorcing client into a lot of trouble. Here at Cutter & Lax, we use legal and ethical tactics to prove that we believe you deserve to care for your children and have a sound and satisfactory divorce settlement. We know that tactics like those used above are extremely illegal and dangerous. That is why we are focused on helping you with your case and working to get you the compensation that you need. Call a San Fernando divorce attorney today if you want more information about how we can help you!