Spousal Support: Should I Keep Records?

If you are paying or receiving spousal support, it is essential to keep careful records right from the very start. Spousal support is mandatory when organized and arranged by the court. If you are the paying spouse, it is important to keep careful records of when you paid your ex and exactly how much. If the funds are electronically transferred, make copies of these records. If you are writing checks, make sure to document or even copy these as necessary. This will protect you should your spouse say that you have not been paying the right amount or have not been paying your spousal support promptly.

If you are a recipient, you should also keep careful documentation of when you received payments and how much they are for. This can help you to detect any patterns of delinquency. Both spouses have the right to go to the courts and request enforcement should there be issues with support. If an enforcement hearing is necessary, the records that you have kept dutifully during your divorce will be a valuable component in that hearing.

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