Study: Church Divorce Rates Lower than Normal

Couples involved in a church are less likely to divorce. According to a Harvard-trained research team, the divorce rate is much lower than the average (50%) among those who claim to be religious and go to church. One researcher says that the divorce rate amongst churchgoers may be as low as 15% for first, second and third marriages.

Part of this may be due to religious convictions regarding divorce. Another factor is the peer pressure of a church body that condemns divorce. In some churches, members who choose to divorce a spouse can be removed from the fellowship. Even in a difficult marriage, the risk of exposing this behavior and being thrown out of the church can be too devastating. Unhappy couples will remain married in order to save face.

Other religious couples unite around a higher cause and are able to work through difficulties in their marriages in order to facilitate a lifelong commitment. Pastors and counselors should be encouraged by these Harvard research discoveries. Couples that are practicing the same religion are able to double their odds of avoiding divorce.

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