Antonio Banderas Divorcing Melanie Griffith

Another Hollywood-fueled divorce is taking over the news. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are planning to split after 19 years of marriage. The two say that they have "thoughtfully and consensually" decided to split and want to negotiate an amicable property division if possible. Sources say that the two are worth more than $50 million.

Griffith is more concerned about custody than anything else. Interestingly enough, this custody battle is not concerning children. It concerns three dogs. Together, Banderas and Griffith have adopted a terrier mix and two shepherd lab mixes. The last two dogs were just adopted this past February.

Griffith says that the dogs mean the world to her and that she is better at taking care of them then her husband is. She is advocating for custody of the pooches after they have split.

In California, pets are not considered in custody battles. Instead, the courts regard all animals as a sort of "property" that can be divided just like all other items and assets in a property division case. If you are currently fighting for custody of your pets, you will want to talk with a talented San Fernando divorce attorney about your case.

Pet custody is becoming a hot topic in divorce as more and more couples are concerned about the future of their dogs, cats and other animals. As more and more famous couples debate over this topic, courts may become more open to considering custody, rather than merely dividing the pets as another property item.

We want to help you seek custody of your dog, cat, bird, horse or any other pet that you value. You will want to talk with a trusted attorney at our team to get calculated advice about this situation. Call us today to get started!