Is it Time to See a Lawyer?

If you are considering divorce, you may be pondering whether or not it is a wise decision for you to contact a lawyer. Maybe you don't want to spend money talking with an attorney because you believe that you can complete the divorce yourself. You may think that you can look up answers online and discover freedom the DIY way.

We suggest that you talk with a lawyer if you are considering making this big leap. A lawyer can help you to learn your options. Divorce isn't a yes or no issue. There are a lot of different choices that you will have to make regarding how you will proceed with the case and what you plan to achieve. Our team of attorneys can help you to understand these options and also explore alternative methods to divorce.

Also, a San Fernando divorce attorney can make sure that you are fully informed as to your rights. You have a lot of rights as an American citizen and you need to make sure that these rights are respected in the court room. We will discuss your rights under the law with you free of charge at our initial consultation.

An attorney can also help you to preserve your assets and protect against unnecessary joint debt during the property division. The division of assets and liabilities can be a messy part of any divorce. Our team can make sure that you get a fair fight as you work towards a financial future.

Lastly, a Cutter &Lax attorney can help you to get information on parental responsibilities. We will instruct you about custody options, child support options and visitation rights. Allow our team to partner with you today and help you to secure a satisfactory divorce. Call a San Fernando divorce attorney at the firm today to speak about your rights!