Are Support Payments Just for Women?

In the past, many courts awarded child support and spousal support payments primarily to women in a heterosexual divorce case. Yet as more and more wives and mothers break societal barriers and become the primary breadwinners in their families, they are seeing a shift in the way that child support and spousal support is awarded and who it is awarded to. More and more men are seeking child and spousal support as they care for the children and assume the role as a stay-at-home parent.

Women are pursuing their careers with a fervor, which is causing more and more men to stay at home with the kids. In approximately 30% of all American households, the woman in the family is the primary or sole earner for the family. One out of every four American households is parented by a single mother.

If you are a father filing for divorce and you consider yourself to be the primary caretaker for the children, you may be able to request child and spousal support from your ex-spouse. The courts are now instructed to evaluate all requests for child support and spousal support without taking into account the requesting parents' gender. They can simply look at the monetary facts of the relationship and then determine whether spousal and child support are appropriate.

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