Massive Backlog in California Courts Leads to Delays

According to CBS News, the California courts are overburdened at the moment, which is leading to extensive delays in divorce procedures throughout the state. Part of this is due to a reduction in staff and budget cuts, which have led to less workers and more cases that just aren't being processed.

California courts prioritize any family law cases that deal with domestic violence because they directly affect people's safety. According to court officials, there are bins of documents that represent amicable divorces that are all ready to be finalized. Unfortunately, the courts just don't have the time to go through those amicable divorce cases because there are so many domestic violence disputes that they want to expedite.

When hearings get delayed, individuals are required to file more paperwork. When this paperwork gets delayed, it can push court dates back for years. Some individuals say that they have had to attend multiple hearings for one simple case because of the disorganization in the court system.

If you are thinking about filing a divorce in California, you will want an aggressive lawyer who can work to push your case through the system. Whether you want a simple, amicable divorce or are expecting a long and contentious one, our firm is available to help you. We know how to carefully work through your case and assist you with all of the different aspects of your divorce.

While we cannot guarantee a speedy divorce if the courts are backlogged, we will do everything we can to promote efficiency and a speedy resolution. Don't hesitate to call us today if you want to learn more about our case and about how we can help you. We are committed to pursuing satisfactory divorces for San Fernando Valley clients.