About Parental Alienation

In California, it illegal to attempt to alienate one parent by saying derogatory or hurtful things about that parent to the child. Normally, parental alienation becomes an issue in child custody cases. Parents will fight over who gets custody of the kids, and verbally try to sway the children in one direction or another. For example, if a mother tells her children "your father doesn't love you" and says that the father is also dangerous and mean, the children may begin to fear the parent that they once loved.

Similarly, a father may tell his children "your mom doesn't want you anymore" or "your mom doesn't care about you" in hopes that the children will come to his side. This negative action can be effective but if the court finds out that parental alienation has been a factor in child custody they will take action immediately. Don't hesitate to contact the firm right away if you want more information about parental alienation could affect your case!