Summertime Custody Disputes

Summer is almost here, and the children will be out of school. This is an exciting time for parents to see more of their kids, but it can also spark contention if current custody plans aren't followed. Because the children are on a different schedule in the summer, you may want to mix up the child custody schedule. If you ever want to make a change, the best way to do it is with in the court room. You can request a modification and a judge will either approve or deny that modification accordingly.

It is also important to note that if you are planning to take your children on vacation and that trip will cut into the other parent's time with the children, you need to seek a modification or discuss a fair trade with your spouse. This is important as it is essential to make sure that things are fair for both parents in accordance with the amount of time that they are allowed to spend with the children.

The best way to work through child custody arrangements is to talk with your ex one on one about any changes and then present these to the court, a skilled and patient San Fernando family law attorney can also help you to work through these cases. In addition to this, an attorney can help you to learn what types of action require court involvement and which can be made without notifying the court.

Call a Cutter & Lax attorney today for more information and for trusted advice on how to handle summertime custody. It is important that you carefully look at your divorce agreement before you start making different choices for summertime custody. Don't hesitate to contact our firm right away to learn more.