Facebook 'Divorce Selfie' Goes Viral

A Canadian couple recently shared a "divorce selfie" on Facebook, which quickly went viral. Mr. and Mrs. Neuman, both from Calgary, Canada, took a selfie of themselves at what appears to be court in the background. In the photo, the former couple is side-by-side and smiling.

The Neumans ended their marriage last week, Fox 5 reported. In the caption, Mrs. Neuman explained why they were smiling:

She said that here they were the day before after they filed for divorce! But wait, we are smiling? Yep, she said, we are "kooky" like that. Were they smiling because they chose a forever partner who turned out not to be the one that they needed? Why, of course that's not the reason.

We're smiling, she said, because we did something extraordinary, at least that's what they think! They decided to respectfully, thoughtfully, and honorably end their marriage in such a way that they can move forward as parenting partners for their children.

Besides, the children are the perfect reason why their marriage WAS always meant to be, and now their kids will never be forced to choose. The kids won't wonder which side of the auditorium to run to after their spring play or Christmas concert because the former couple will be there sitting together.

Their children won't struggle when they're planning their wedding because their parents will be sitting on the same side of the aisle, which is THEIR side.

Mrs. Neuman said that they did struggle to come up with a parenting plan, but despite their difficulties, they decided to make it work for the sake of their children.

She left Facebook readers with a message, asking them to consider their way if they find themselves on the same road, or to share the message if they can remind people that it is possible to love your children more than you dislike your ex (which they have felt at times on their journey, but for the record they do like each other).

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