Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Spousal Support?

If you are currently receiving spousal support from an ex, then yes, you may need to pay taxes on this income. This is because it counts as income on your forms. You also may be required to pay taxes if your spouse is currently paying for any of your expenses directly.

For example, if your ex-spouse makes your mortgage payments on your home, then you may be taxed for this indirect income. Also, you may be taxed for any car payments your spouse is making on your behalf, and other expenses that he or so is covering.

It is important to remember that you do not have to pay taxes on all payments that are the result of a divorce. For example, if you have received a cash payment for property division, or if you are receiving child support, these expenses may not necessarily be taxed.

You will want to talk with a San Fernando divorce lawyer and a tax attorney to determine what costs will need to be factored in when you fill out your tax forms this year. Not all payments by decree are considered alimony or spousal support. If the payments you receive are a part of your community property income, then they may not be taxed, or if the payments are to keep up the payer's property or use the payer's property, these may not be taxed either.

You will want to talk with a lawyer about this today. If you are paying the spousal support, the costs may be deductible. Once again, we highly suggest you talk with a lawyer at our firm about your situation if you want to learn whether or not your payments are deductible. Call today to get more information!